Application :

Milk protein fractionation

Type of industry Milk & Dairy
Objectives Beyond its nutritional interest, casein presents properties of texture related to its micellar structure. However, the traditional techniques of extraction (acidification, coagulation) destroy this structure. Microfiltration allows to concentrate and purify native micelles of milk (obtaining a native phosphocaseinate).
TAMI's solution

The protein fractionation on ISOFLUX membrane with a pore size of 0.14 µm is the perfect answer to this challenge. Membranes split the skimmed milk into two parts:

– a retentate with 85 to 86% of proteins in total solids,
– a permeate with 80% of whey proteins compared to the initial milk


– Conservation of the casein micellar structure
– Improvement of the cheesemakers efficiency
– Expansion of cheese varieties manufacture.

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Fractionnement des protéines de lait

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