Ceramic Membranes

TAMI Industries designs and manufactures industrials ceramic filters (membranes) for filtration,  separation, and purification of molecules in acqueous solutions. It works in fiields of Fine Ultrafiltration, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration.

Membrane: A thin material structure which allows a range of molecules sizes passing through, and stops the others.

The membrane function is very simple: it is like similar to a sieve (“TAMIS” in French), with holes smaller than the molecules you want to stop and larger than the ones you want to pass through. The aim of the manufacturer of membranes consists in determining size of these holes (pores) for a given molecule group.

A membrane is a tubular shape of ceramic with several channels, the surface in contact with the fluid has an active layer which determine the porosity (cut off) of the filter. The active layer is full of holes from different diameters in order to allow the pass through of the selected molecules. The range of cut-off is : from 2 nm up to 1.4 microns (Fine Ultrafiltration, Ultrafiltration,  Microfiltration).

Ceramic membranes advantages :

High temperatures resistant                         

Resistant to acids and bases

Solvents resistant
High pressure resistant

Long service life

Reduction of the industries’ environmental impacts


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