Application :

Ink effluents

Type of industry Printing
Objectives Flexographic inks are widely used for packaging board printing. At each colour change or at the end of the processing period, washing of the printing machine is needed in order to prevent ink drying.
TAMI's solution

The crossflow filtration equipment uses some INSIDE CéRAM™ ultrafiltration ceramic membranes to separate the flexographic ink from the rinse water, which can then be recycled.

During the separation, the product is fractionated in two phases :

–       a concentrate, low volume, with an ink concentration, which is concentrated enough to be destroyed in an economic way.
–       a filtrate, which can be recycled for  the next wash.


–       High separation efficiency. Colour is removed from the effluent
–       Filtration additives not needed
–       Continuous process.

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