Application :

Coating effluent

Type of industry Paper
Objectives In the paper industry, printing is only possible if the paper has been treated by coating deposit. The coating sauce contains polluants such as (latex, PVA, titanium dioxide...) and some pigments. The effluents produced are highly polluted and rejecting to a sewerage plant is strictly prohibited.
TAMI's solution

Retention of the polluting molecules and production of a clear water, which can be recycled or discharged to a sewerage plant.
During the separation, the product is fractionated in two phases :

– the filtrate, which constituted of clear water with traces of soluble agents, can be recycled or discharged to the sewerage plant.
– the concentrate, which contains all the suspended materials can be recycled to make a new sauce.


–           recycling of the concentrate to make new coating sauce.
–           water consumption reduced.
–           If it is not recycled, the filtrate can be rejected directly to the sewer.
–           low energy consumption using high-capacity membranes.

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