Application :

Black Liquors

Type of industry Paper
Objectives During chemical cooking of straw, waste water with high COD and colour is produced. This effluent is treated by biological process (fermentation, decantation). After this treatment, the effluent still contains too much colour and COD. Pollution generated by the effluent is very strong
TAMI's solution

Keep the COD and the main part of colour and produce a clear water, which can be recycled.

During the separation, the product is fractionated into two phases :

– a filtrate with low colour and low amount of COD.

– a concentrate, low volume, containing the main amount of COD and colour. Components of this part can be stored or easily burnt.


–        Important reduction of colour and COD
–       Continuous filtration.
–       Clean ability of membranes.
–       The maintenance reduced.

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