Application :

Bacteria and spores removal

Type of industry Milk & Dairy
Objectives Sterilize the skimmed milk to increase the shelf life and to remove all thermal resistant bacteria.
TAMI's solution

The cold sterilization on ISOFLUXä membrane with a pore size of 1.4 µm is the perfect answer to this challenge. Membranes split the skimmed milk into two parts:

– A retentate (roughly one twentieth of the initial volume) containing the bacteria, and the largest part of initial fat,
– A permeate free of bacteria but containing the milk proteins. This fraction represents 95 % of the feed milk volume. The objective to extract bacteria is well achieved.


– Sterilization at low temperature with a complete elimination of bacteria including thermal resistant ones.

– No taste degradation.
– No loss in vitamin and protein due to a thermal degradation.
– Increase of the shelf life of the milk.
– Compactness of installation (no permeate circulation loop) and friendly use.
– Long time life of the membranes.

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