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Valisette Laboratory test kit

Description :

This equipment allows the operations of separation in Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Fine Ultrafiltration ranges. With its low hold up volume, this unit allows to treat solutions containing micro-particles or suspensions with a view to do operations of concentration, purification, coupling to a membrane bioreactor, etc.

Applications :
  • Sterile concentrations or purifications:
    • cells, yeasts, proteins, bacterias, serums, broth, enzymes...
    • Pyrogen free of active principales, cultures medium and amino acids.
  • Separations bethween:
    •  micro-organisms and culture medium or active ingredients etc...
  • Continuous systems:
    • Continuous fermentation by the elimination of growth inhibitors and / or metabolites.
    • Enzymatic reactors.
  • Excellent performances in Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Fine Ultrafiltration,
  • Re usable, long Life functioning,
  • Autoclavable,
  • Absolutely inert,
  • Environmentaly friendly.

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