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Clarification of glucose syrup

Tipo de industria Sugar
Objetivos Conventional technology uses filters with a preliminary layer and filling of diatomaceous earth or perlite. Filtering additives have a number of disadvantages, such as an increase in wastes which are increasingly difficult to eliminate, operating difficulties (control of the preliminary layer), consumable costs and limited clarifying efficiency.
La solución TAMI

The tangential filtration equipment uses INSIDE CéRAM Micro- or Ultrafiltration ceramic membranes that keep the main part of colloids and bacteria.
During the separation, the product is fractionated in two phases:

– a filtrate, which is exempt from bacteria and colloids.
– a concentrate, which contains bacteria, colloids and suspended matters.


– Clarification of high and low DE glucose syrup
– Small sugar loss (generally < 0,5 %)
– No addition of chemicals.

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