Descripción :

Carters for our tubular membranes are unique and allow a large area choice and several connection possibilities. A carter is made up of one tube which contains 2 connections allowing the products to enter and come out. The range of carter includes 7 versions from carter 1 membrane to 99 membranes ø 25; INSIDE CéRAM™, Filtanium™, Isoflux™.

Aplicación :

Product treatment from :

Food Industry (milk, milk by products and beverages)
Bio-industry (fermentation products, ferment coupling)
Nuclear and Environment (effluents, water, oil/water, separation)

Beneficios :
  • Unequalled surface / volume occupied ratio
  • Retentate connections are available as :
    • ISO flange
    • ANSI flange
    • Clamp
    • Screw clamp
  • Individual gaskets for membrane protection (EPDM, SILICOM, VITON)
  • Compatible configurations with existing industrial units
  • Total chemical cleaning
  • Steam sterilization and sterilization by oxidants agents
  • Autoclave sterilization

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