Descripción :

Certain seperations realised by microfiltraion, can be required to treat products containing highly abrasive particales.These particules move rapidly on the membrane surface and can damage the active layer,reducing the life time of the membrane.
The membrane ETERNIUM™ is a ceramic based material of high purity,conceived to improve the resistance of the active layer to abrasive particlues, conserving its integrity in the face of extreme operating conditions.

Aplicación :

Food processing:



Beneficios :
  • Enhanced performance
  • Long life time Strong mechanical resistance
  • Chemical stability
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Chemical regeneration Sterilisable by steam and oxydents
  • Autoclavable
Diámetro externo :
Ø 25 L=1178mm*
Number of channels : Hydraulic diameter : Area (sqm) : Available cut-offs** :
diametre 07 6 0,16
diametre 08 6 0,20
diametre 23 3,5 0,35
1178 mm

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