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FPI effluent

Tipo de industria Métallurgy
Objetivos The dye penetration test operation consists in putting on the parts' area some penetrative coloured agents which allow to eventually find out crackles. Before control, all products parts are washed to eliminate all the excess dye penetrating. This washing process produces an aqueous effluent which is very pollutant and as to be treated by a specialised plant (expensive service).
La solución TAMI

To retain the main part of the polluting molecules and produce a water containing small  traces of those pollutants, which are fixed then captured by active carbon filters.

During the separation, the product is fractionated in two phases :

– the filtrate, which  is constituted of clear water, wich represents more than 98% of the filtrated effluents by volume and can be discharged to a sewerage plant or recycled after being filtered by the active carbon filter.

– the concentrate, low volume, which contains the main part of the fluorescent penetration test agents constituents can be stored for final destruction by incineration.


–           active coal consumption reduced up to 60 %.
–           water costs reduced if the filtrate is recycled.
–           discharge of filtrate to sewerage drain if the water is not recycled.
–           no staff is required for filtration system functions.
–           maintenance costs reduced.

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