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Tipo de industria Métallurgia
Objetivos In the industry of materials transformation, the degreasing is a necessary stage before any other surface treatment. It is realized with the help of an aqueous solution containing a detergent, which is to emulsify the oil recovering the part to be degreased. The bath containing the degreaser becomes progressively charged with oil and the degreaser must be frequently replaced, otherwise it becomes quickly inefficient.
La solución TAMI

Continuous elimination of oil and recycling of a filtrate containing the degeasing purified agent.
The working lifetime of the bath product is considerably increased.

During the separation, the product is fractionated in two phases :

– the filtrate, which is constituted of purified degreasing product and is recycled to a bath.
– the concentrate, which contains the oil and all the materials in suspension and can be, at the end, stored and then destroyed or used as a combustible after a thermic breaking of the emulsion.


–           the increase in the effective working life of the degreasing solution.
–           the maintain of the quality and the bath efficiency in time because the oil concentration reaches rapidely a stable level.
–           Water uses and degreasing agent are reduced thanks to recycling filtration.
–           no staff required to operate the system.
–           maintenance costs reduced.

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