描述 :

The Helicopter is a laboratory carter adapted for comparative filtration tests on tubular membranes. It allows to simultaneously test 3 (ø 25 mm) or 4 (ø 10 mm) membranes with the same solutions and under identical operating conditions.

应用 :
  • Concentrations or purifications of cells, yeasts, fungis, virus, bacterias, enzymes, amino acids, etc..
  • Pyrogen free of active principles, cultures medium and amino acids.
  • Separations between micro-organisms and culture medium or active principle.
效益 :
  • Sterilization by superheated water, steam or oxidising agents,
  • Autoclavable,
  • Regeneration by chemical actions,
  • Membranes long working life.
  • High performances in Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Fine Ultrafiltration,
  • Allows to test several cut-offs under the same filtration conditions,
  • Test improvement.

TAMI Industries 应用