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Clarification of glucose syrup

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Conventional technology uses filters with a preliminary layer and filling of diatomaceous earth or perlite.

Filtering additives have a number of disadvantages, such as an increase in wastes which are increasingly difficult to eliminate, operating difficulties (control of the preliminary layer), consumable costs and limited clarifying efficiency.

TAMI's Solution:

The tangential filtration equipment uses INSIDE CéRAMä Micro- or Ultrafiltration ceramic membranes that keep the main part of colloids and bacteria.
During the separation, the product is fractionated in two phases:

- a filtrate, which is exempt from bacteria and colloids.
- a concentrate, which contains bacteria, colloids and suspended matters.


- Clarification of high and low DE glucose syrup
- Small sugar loss (generally < 0,5 %)
- No addition of chemicals.



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