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It is difficult to optimize a process when using only one piece of equipment, as each vaccine production area will work on multiple kinds of cells.

Especially primary separation of the broth will depend on :

- composition of culture media
- type and size of the cells (viruses, bacteria)

   Operating mode :

- biomass recovery w/o cells lysis
- use of buffer solutions, washing the cells

  Furthermore, separation units must be cleanable in place and steam sterilised.

TAMI's Solution:

The tangential filtration equipment uses some INSIDE CéRAM Micro- or Ultrafiltration ceramic membranes.
During the separation, the product is fractionated in two phases :

- a filtrate
- a concentrate.


- Microfiltration allows a perfect biomass recovery whatever the size and weight of the cells.
- Steam or superheated water sterilisation
- Easy cleaning in place

Product: INSIDE CéRAMä

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